Common Mistakes in Design of Projects on Coastal Erosion & Sedimentation- 16 PDHs (pending)
Webinar / June 27 & 28, 2022 / 8:00am-5:00pm each day

Items needed:  Laptop and Calculator.  Will use online computational aids during the seminar.
Cost: $500 members / $575 non-members

This participatory webinar discusses common mistakes in design of projects on coastal erosion and sedimentation with the following objectives:

To provide for a list of significant design mistakes  

To discuss case studies of damages referring to underlying design mistakes  

To introduce design tools and practical rules of thumb

To perform class exercises

Special Features

Real-life case studies 

Participation in class exercises

Several computational aids and design tools

A collection of technical literature and educational video clips


Examples of major damages and failures

Introduction to coastal hydraulics (waves, currents, tide, etc.)

Introduction to coastal sediment transport

Some references and design tools

“Mistakes”: Sources and types

Common mistakes related to:

o Theoretical methods (formulas/semi-empirical guides, numerical modeling, physical modeling)

o Field data & fitted curves

o Field measurements

o Design wave height

o Utility of Google Earth images

o Sediment transport (accuracy, capacity vs. actual transport, beginning of motion and suspension, turbidity vs. concentration)

o Longshore sediment transport vs. Cross-shore sediment transport

o Cliff/bluff erosion

o Toe scour (seawall, revetment, breakwater, piers, etc.)

o Natural barrier bars

o Beach nourishment

o Choice of transport formulas in software

o Application of physical modeling

Five take-away messages