The Evolution of Pumping Technologies - 1 PDH
Webinar / 12:00pm-1:00pm / Cost: $35 Member / $45 Non-Member
August 11, 2022

NYSSPE has partnered with Rathe Associates & Armstrong Fluid Technology


Centrifugal pumping technology has made tremendous leaps and strides over the years in terms of performance, efficiency, and even overall size.  However, because of the nature of the building industry, designers and installers often disregard new technology because they are comfortable with older tech.  This is truly ironic because the newer tech is developed intentionally to address the concerns of designers and installers by making the equipment better performing and easier to install.  So the problem is not necessarily the technology, but rather the message.  

With that, this course has been developed to make consulting engineers familiar with a new technology that is available to them – Parallel Sensorless Pump Control (PSPC).   We will review what PSPC is, how we got here from constant speed, and what its benefits are.  Note: this new technology is nothing more than a combination of older technologies you already know and trust.

Speakers:  Greg Rathe and Peter Wolff

Greg Rathe: 
A graduate of the University of Buffalo with a mechanical engineering degree, Greg Rathe has worked for Rathe Associates since 2009 designing & troubleshooting hydronic heating systems & DHW generation systems alongside NYC’s MEP engineers and contractors.  The bulk of Greg’s experience includes best application of condensing boilers, pumps, controls, radiant heating, WSHP applications, venting, and much more.  He has over 10 years experience in factory training and has been a member of Board of Governor’s for ASHRAE NY since 2019.

Peter Wolff:
Peter is Global Manager, Ecosystems and Performance Upgrades for Armstrong Fluid Technology.  A graduate of the University of Sussex, England with a mechanical engineering degree, Peter has worked for Armstrong Fluid Technology and its predecessor companies since 1984 in the UK, the Middle East, the USA and Canada in leadership roles in sales, marketing, product development and on-site trouble shooting hydronic heating, cooling and plumbing systems.  Peter was at the forefront of the application of variable speed controls in hydronics and plumbing and the application, in Europe and the Middle East, of high technology hydronic system expansion and degassing equipment.  He’s a member of the  ASHRAE National Capital Chapter since 2015 and is a regular presenter of Armstrong’s technical webinar series.