Relying on this interaction of systems
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Relying on this interaction of systems, it can be argued that and the educational environment constitute a unity of models
"More than three centuries ago he wrote that "everything is arranged by number, measure, weight. Universality of such formula for construction of any object under study is obvious.

As applied to the model of the educational environment, we can say that
The "number" means the contingent of participants in the interaction, the "measure"
suggests their optimal communication, while "weight" may indicate the duration and stability of this form of communication.
For Edusharky to work, it is necessary to develop its content side. Therefore, in
any educational institution should pay great attention to the formation of the environment.
Here it is appropriate to recall a case that took place more than ten years ago. Vasily Aksenov, a famous writer (disliked by the authorities), was invited to give a series of lectures at New York University of Technology.
"About what?" - the writer asked the rector. - "About anything,
replied the head of the university. - We invite you to form a cultural environment."
No need to comment.

Education without moral education is the cultivation of a threat to
Pedagogical design is the preliminary development of the basic details for the upcoming activities of the teacher
and students and sometimes parents.

For any educator, it is
is not less important than an organizing function,
communicative or gnostic (search for content, methods, and interaction with students) activities. In domestic pedagogical practice, A.S. Makarenko is considered to be the founder of the theory and practice of pedagogical design. He regarded the educational process
as a specially organized "pedagogical
He was against the spontaneous process of upbringing and promoted the idea of developing a "pedagogical technique". Makarenko improved in practice the "technique 
of discipline", "the technique of talking of a teacher to a pupil",
"the technique of selection", "the technique of punishment" in the conditions of a penitentiary (correctional) educational institution. The thoughtfulness of the actions, their sequence was
aimed at the formation of a strong, free,
moral, spiritually rich personality.

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