July 29, 2017  ·  Penticton, Canada
Kayak: Rattlesnake Island Zip & Dip
Practice those skills!

Join us for a little extra adventure today on the Zip & Dip with Zipzone in Peachland. 

We'll start our day off at ZipZone and do a 2 line zip before heading off to the lake for a paddle to Rattlesnake Island and back. 

We are doing this event in two timeframes, with details below. 

We can meet for carpooling at Hoodoo Adventures at 8:45am (departing at 8:55am)

131 Ellis Street, Penticton, V2A 4L4
Location: 131 Ellis Street, Penticton, V2A 4L4

9:30am at ZipZone: 2 line zip (*Must pre-book the zip lining, we get a discount that will will extend to you*) $60 per person (tax included). Zip-line will take about 1.0 hour, we have included some wiggle time for driving to and from Zip Zone, and unloading boats. 

If you are not interested in zip-lining, you can just show up for the paddle at 11am. We'd like to have at least 4 people for zip-lining, and may call off that part of the day if there is a lack of interest. Please sign up by July 22nd for zip-lining so we can call ahead and reserve space. 

11:00am start paddle to rattlesnake island (those not wanting to join for zip-lining can meet us at 11am for the paddle across the lake at the Peachland boat launch just off highway 97). Paddle is free to members (except rentals are not included). 

This is an out and back paddle - bring a lunch and we will paddle to Rattlesnake Island, have a bite to eat and return. It should take approximately 2-3 hours with some exploration time. This is an intermediate paddle. Winds can come up in the afternoon here and you must be comfortable paddling in stronger wind as it is more of a possibility for this event. We expect to be finished by around 2pm approximately.