How to Get a Fully Trained ESA: 5 Simple Steps
Many of you might have plans concerning training your emotional support animal.
February 28, 2023 - February 09, 2024  ·  United States

Many of you might have plans concerning training your emotional support animal. Before you get into struggling to train your animal as an ESA, you have to get an animal that you want to have as an ESA. Although an ESA does not require any special training, yet you have to train and teach them various things that are necessary to keep an animal as a pet.

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Keeping an ESA at your home is not always simple and you cannot take them everywhere due to various restrictions at certain places. But an ESA letter helps you keep your animal with you in a restricted area and in housing where there is a policy of no pets. This letter can even help you take your pet on a flight with you.

If you are having your own home, then it is possible that there would not be much problem in keeping your pet at the house if there are no strict housing policies. But if you are living in any restricted area of housing or a rented apartment and your landlord is not allowing you to keep an animal at home. Then, all you need is to get an ESA letter for housing which gives you the permit to keep an ESA with you.

Getting a permit is the first step to getting your pet at your house, the next step is more crucial and sometimes tiring as well. This is how to train your ESA and it is not much difficult as you have an emotional support animal that is ultimately there to support you with your emotions.

Here are the five steps through which you can get a fully trained ESA.

1.  Litter training

What do you think is the most important thing to consider while keeping an ESA with you every time? The most important thing in this matter is to litter train your ESA. The purpose of emotional support animals is to keep you away from your health issues and make you feel better, the significant of them are depression and anxiety.       

When your animal is litter trained, your mood and health issues will significantly decrease. Every ESA should be very well aware of where to relieve itself and where not to. If your animal is a cat, then you need to provide it with litter available in the market to train it.

This is considered as the first command that you give to your ESA and train them eventually. It is better to litter train your ESA at a very early age since with age it would be difficult to train them fully.

Since ESA is allowed to move around and live with their owner it is necessary for them that they are litter trained. If your animal is ESA but not litter trained then you would not be allowed to keep them around everywhere you go.

2.  Stay

Emotional support animals usually are more controlled and desired to please their owners if they are placed in a high command area. Sometimes you have to make them stay in a place where there is a high command on them, this is also beneficial for them regarding their security. This quality is very significant for an emotional support animal to keep their face in the public. It makes them behave well and retain their status as well.

3.  Recall

The next step in training is the recall where you have to train your ESA for your call. This exerts whenever you may call them, they will respond to you. It will ensure that your call will make them come to you every time. There is always a strong emotional bond and attachment with your emotional support animal, hence your call makes them attentive and submissive to you.

4.  Settle

Manner is something that you have to train your ESA no matter what animal it is. All you need is to train them appropriately. ESAs are friendly and happy; they often get excited while experiencing any new people, place, and situation. Owing to their excitement to have to train them to settle down in any such situation and not roam around. This may cause unrest in other people around.

For example, in dogs, it is quite common that they get excited encountering any new environment. You have to teach a “settle” command to make them aware of behaving well no matter where they go.

5.  Leave

Although the “leave” command is somehow difficult to teach your emotional support animal, it is not impossible. You can teach your emotional support animal when to leave any place or object. It can apply in situations that are unpleasant and also too dangerous. It is a time taking process where you have to teach your animal and make it a master. It requires patience but once learned, you can have a perfect ESA.

This is how you need to train your ESA to get a perfect and well-behaved pet. All you need to have an emotional support animal letter from a clinician to avoid any trouble in keeping your pet with you.

Make sure to give your pet a very comfortable and clean environment; the more your animal has a peaceful and comfortable place to live in, the less time they will take to learn.

Inculcate these five steps in your training of emotional support animals, you will then have a fully trained ESA company with you.