August 31, 2017  ·  AURA - Bleicherweg 5, 8001 Zürich
Thriving in the Age of Disruption
The Power of Compelling Purpose
August 31, 2017  ·  AURA - Bleicherweg 5, 8001 Zürich

Disruption in Financial Services

Disruption can be painful. Multiple industry examples remind us of how painful the process can be — from Uber disrupting the taxi business to Airbnb shaking up the hotel industry. This pressure is rising fast, affecting sectors previously insulated from disruption, like financial services. But disruption is NOT a one-time event. It is a continuous pressure to innovate in the face of constant change. And although most managers are aware of the urgency of disruption, few have uncovered the secrets to creating high–engagement cultures that are open to change and innovation. 

It is in this spirit that we will help managers to discover new ways to engage employees in times of competitive transformation.
The following topics will be discussed: 

  • The secrets to catalyzing cultural change in the face of disruption
  • Purpose acting as a "North Star" helps companies navigate through today's volatile world
  • How organizations that inspire with purpose see significant results for their employees, customers and shareholders
  • Understand the neuroscience behind our resistance to change – and use these insights to step up to change and ongoing innovation
  • The importance of authentic leadership in boosting engagement
  • The four keys to creating high engagement teams and creating ongoing innovation

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Thursday, August 31
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AURA - Bleicherweg 5, 8001 Zürich - Switzerland

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