Essentials of Fire Pump Systems in Buildings - 1 PDH
Webinar - Zoom Platform / 1 PDH - $45 member; $50 non-member / 12pm-1pm
April 20, 2022

A fire pump is frequently employed to increase water supply pressure when the municipal or private stored water source is insufficient.  Since water-based fire protection systems have distinct operating pressure requirements, the fire pump installation must successfully operate under adverse conditions (e.g., when the protected building is on fire!).  This course describes some essential engineering considerations related to the design of a fire pump system.  

Speaker: Michael Klemenz, PE, PMSFPE

Mr. Klemenz is a licensed professional engineer with a B.S. in fire protection engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park.  Mr. Klemenz is Principal at Upstate Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC, adjunct faculty at SUNY/OCC Department of Fire Protection Technology and a 32-year fire service professional.  He frequently imparts his fire protection engineering education, wisdom and experience at engineering and fire service conferences and seminars.

Within the fire service, Mr. Klemenz holds certifications from IFSAC and Pro Board® in fire service leadership and instruction. This fire service experience affords Mr. Klemenz the unique ability to relate to the concerns of emergency service agencies and code enforcement officials when designing fire protection systems.