NYC Professional Development & Networking Event - 6 PDHs
Time Square Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, 7th Fl, New York, NY
February 20, 2023

PE's In Construction Group of NYSSPE in conjunction with the New York Association of Towns (AOT) will be offering continuing education seminars at the Association of Towns Annual Meeting.  NYSSPE Members, All NYS Town Officials and the Public are invited to attend the seminars and Exhibition event.

Location: Time Square Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, 7th Fl, Duffy-Columbia Meeting Room, New York, NY 10036
Date: Monday, February 20, 2023
Time: 9:45am-5:00pm
Association of Towns Website:  Click Here

Event Fees:
Full Day: 6 PDHs:  $175 NYSSPE/ASCE/AIA Members & Full Time Government Employees; $250 Non-Members
Per PDH credit:  $45 NYSSPE/ASCE/AIA Members & Full Time Government Employees; $75 Non-Members

Agenda for the day:

9:45 AM - Seminar Introduction & Keynote Speakers:
Rudi O. Sherbansky PE, F. NSPE, Chair of PEs in Construction Group, NYSSPE.
Gina Antonucci, Antonucci & Associates

Edward S. Sawchuk, PE, Esq.
     Summary of Advocacy Initiatives by NYSSPE for Design Professionals.

10:00am - Storm Drainage Deficiencies and Flood Risk Determination - 1 PDH
Speaker: Joseph Kirby, PE; Woodard & Curran
Communicating drainage system deficiencies and flood risk with comprehensive 1d-2d models.  The presentation will review the basics, discuss case study background, context, and model development and modeling outputs and how it can provide comprehensive understanding and enhanced communication.  participants will learn: Overview of study Methods Used for identifying Storm Drainage Deficiencies and Flood Risk, Why do we do Flood Mitigation Studies, Who do we communicate with, Common Model & Method, HydroCAD:Site Development  projects, EPA SWMM or SWMM Engine Models, HEC-RAS, FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Map, Case Study in Norwalk Connecticut of a Coastal Community Actively Managing Their Drainage Systems.

11:00 AM -  Building Energy Efficiency Planning and Design Solutions - 1 PDH
Speaker: Wai-kin Tong, PE & Christopher Mias, PE; Collado Engineering

This presentation will Review the outlook on future NY State energy policy, Use policy to establish your own sustainability objectives, Define steps to achieve those objectives and Identify technologies that can help. 

Review and discussion will include Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, Why NYS Cares About Greenhouse Gases, Where Do GHG Emissions Come from? Where Do GHG Emissions Come from?, How do Buildings Use Energy?, Electrification 101, Increase Renewable Generation, Improving Transmission and Storage, Electrifying the End Users, Town Decarbonization Efforts, How do we assess our town’s efficiency? - What Tools/Resources do we need? - What will it cost? Building Energy Codes, NY Climate Smart Communities, Energy Benchmarking, U.S. EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Utility Data Analysis, Energy Auditing, Commissioning & Training.

12:00PM - Lunch:  5th floor lounge - Sandwich & Soup Buffet ala cart - pay on own

1:00PM - Evolving Challenges and Solutions in Water Pumping and Treatment - 1 PDH
Speaker: David Silverman, PE, PSI Process
This presentation will review the challenges and solutions for some of the problems or reasons that require upgrades to municipal water and sewage plants, including new regulations; Increased flows and/or loadings; Aging equipment; Poor operating flexibility, reliability, high operating costs etc.  participants will learn about several case studies of upgrades to municipal water & sewage plants due to shortfalls.  Case studies review will include project Background; Existing Facility; Facility Challenges; Objectives; Site constraints; Process Considerations; Benefits; Challenges; Lessons Learned.

2:00 PM - Rock Stabilization for Slopes and Excavations - 1 PDH
Speaker: Andrew Klaetsch, PE, PG; Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Illustrations of the design and implementation of rock stabilization measures adjacent to roads, transportation & utility tunnels, and construction excavations.  Overview of rock mass types, formation and behavior, illustration, and classification of modes of failure, overview of the elements of rock ground investigation and data gathering, subsurface Investigation coring/core logging, lab testing, analysis and design of rockfall protection measures, selecting a rock reinforcement or support system, rock parameters used to determine support/reinforcements and illustrations of rock protection applications.

3:00 PM - Food Waste Treatment Mechanisms - 1 PDH
Edward Sawchuk, PE, Esq.
Overview of waste and food waste Issues (Wasted Food) and food waste treatment methods.  Review of Historical Methods of Disposal and new technologies, including Landfilling, Composting, Greenhouse Gas Issue, Anaerobic Digestion, Statutory and Regulatory Issues.  Overview of Evolving Treatments of Food Waste Site constraints; EPA Inverted Food Pyramid, Economic Value of Food Waste, EPA Food Waste Statistics, EPA Sustainable Materials Management, Food Losses and Waste From Commercial Customers, Food Waste Legislation and Regulations, Landfill Process, Compost Process & phases, Food Waste Treatment Technologies.

4:00 PM - Overview: 2022 New York City Construction Codes– 1 PDH  
Robert Holub, RA; Executive Director of Code Development, NYC Department of Buildings
An overview of the code revision process and learn about several significant changes to the 2014 construction codes, including changes to construction documentation, architectural and structural requirements, provisions for building systems and fire protection ratings.  The 2022 construction codes will consist of enhancements to emergency response, fire protection, elevator safety, vertical transportation and accessibility, construction site safety, tenant protection, building system construction and inspection, sustainability, and resiliency. Participants will be able to describe the new requirements and changes for emergency voice and alarm communication systems and to Accessibility requirements.