The Capital District's 43rd Celebration of National Engineers Week - Webinar Series
45 Webinars Offered / Earn up to 10 PDHs / 8:00am - 4:00pm each day
February 16, 2023 - March 13, 2023

All seminars will be webinar format using the Zoom platform.
Online registration will close on February 13, 2023 at 12:00pm.

Cost: $150 per person
Registration includes both days.  Attend as many or as few seminars as you would like.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities available for $250:   All sponsors will be recognized on the event notice with a company logo.  Sponsors receive a full page of advertising in our electronic program booklet that is sent to all attendees.    Click Here for the sponsor registration form.

Additional pages in the program book can be purchased for $100 per page.  These pages can be used for posting job positions or advertising projects, etc.  All materials for the program booklet must be provided by the sponsor by January 20, 2023.

Seminar Schedule and Seminar Descriptions:
View the Schedule:  Click Here

View the Seminar Descriptions:  Click Here

Instructions and Information – Please read carefully:

All seminars are live with the speakers and one or two moderators.

We ask participants to help us track their attendance by making sure the Screen Name used to log into Zoom matches the name that was given during registration.  If your Screen Name does not match and we are unable to verify attendance, credit hours and certificates will not be earned/distributed.

Registration does not ensure receipt of PDH certificates.  Zoom will track how long attendees are logged in to each webinar.  New York State Continuing Education guidelines require 50 minutes of attendance to earn 1 PDH.  The time logs will be reviewed at the end of the event and evaluated for issuance of PDH Certificates.  If an attendee is disconnected and logs back in, Zoom does notify us and continues to track your time.

Please view and listen to webinars on your computer or a tablet.  Those who call in are unable to ask questions or participate in learning assessment.  If having audio problems through your computer, try using a headset for audio.  Calling into listen should be a last resort.  We cannot identify an attendee through a phone call.  It will be your responsibility to provide a name associated with a phone number.   The PDH certificate is provided on the basis of an attendee watching the presentation and participating in the assessment of learning, it is the responsibility of the user to meet New York State requirements for claiming PDH credits.  

Attendees will be muted during the seminar and the speakers will not see attendees through your webcam.  Therefore, attendees do not need a camera on their computer.  The moderator and speaker will only see the names of the attendees.  Computer audio is suggested so attendees can watch and hear seminars through a computer without calling in.

Speakers will cover assessment of learning; they will use zoom polling or ask you to type answers in the chat for interaction.  If you have questions during a presentation, attendees can type them in the Q&A.  The speaker will decide whether to answer questions as they come in or wait until the end of the presentation.  We will do our best to answer all questions within the time allotted.  Attendees can also email the speakers after the event with additional questions.  Contact information for each speaker is listed on the seminar descriptions.

PDH Certificates will be emailed, one at a time, to the email address logged in on, which should match the email registered.  (example: Thursday you use your work email – certificates will go to that email.  Friday you use your personal email at home – certificates will go to that email.)   Emails will be going out in bulk so check your spam/junk emails.  Certificates will be sent out as soon as possible after the event.  We are limited on the number of emails we can send out per day by our internet service provider, but certificate distribution should be complete by the end of March.   Once all certificates are sent Jen Miller will send out an email to all attendees.  If at this time you have not received your certificates and have checked your spam filter contact Jen Miller –

Please note that after June 1, 2023 there will be a $10 fee per certificate to send replacements.  No Exceptions.

Questions & Answers:

Question:  Do I have to register for each seminar I want to attend?
Answer:  No, you can attend any webinar you want.  Links for each webinar will be provided to registered attendees.

Question:  When I register how can I pay?
Answer:  By credit card - must be paid at the time of registration.  We will NOT bill you or your employer.

Question:  Do attendees get copies of speaker presentations?
Answer:  No, we do not give out speaker's presentations.  The seminar descriptions list the speaker's names and their email address, so you can contact the speaker and request their presentation.

Question:  Why is there 30 minutes between each seminar instead of 15 minutes?
Answer:  We need time to end one webinar and set up with the next speaker. Thank you for your patience.

Question:  Do I have to pay the full price if I am only interested in seeing one seminar?
Answer:  Yes, the fee is $150 for all attendees, but must be registered by Feb. 13, 2023.

Question:  Do I have to take an Ethics Seminar every year?
Answer:  No, you only need 1-hour Ethics seminar in your 3-year registration period.

Visit New York State Education Department website for Q&A on Continuing Education:  Click Here

Model Bridge Competition
Model Bridge Competition

The Model Bridge Competition (MBC) has been a tradition at the Capital District celebration of National Engineers Week, encouraging future engineers, since 1983! Over 100 high school students from around the region are expected to participate each year.

Students in Grades 9-12 build a balsa wood arch or truss type bridge. Each model is judged on its aesthetics (design and craftsmanship) and is then weighed, measured, and loaded to failure by a testing machine. 

The models are 400 mm long, no greater than 100 mm wide and 200 mm high. Model efficiency scores are computed based upon maximum load at failure divided by the weight of the model.