July 01, 2017  ·  Hoodoo Adventures & Outdoor Pursuits Centre
Kayak: Marina Way Canada Day
Watch the Canada Day fireworks celebration from on the water!

This is an intermediate paddle, as we will be paddling after dark and there will be lots of watercraft out on the water at the same time - it is important that club members are comfortable in their kayaks. 

We launch from Marina Way beach and go on a short paddle before making our way back towards Penticton for the light show! 

Hoodoo Adventures & Outdoor Pursuits Centre, 131 Ellis Street, Penticton, British Columbia V2A 4L4

Those with their own boats can join us at Marina Way beach.

Those requiring rentals must meet the guide at Hoodoo Adventures to pick up their kayak - we will be wheeling them down on trolleys. 

Again, please note that this is an intermediate paddle. We will be kayaking after dark, along with many other boats. Members must be comfortable in their kayaks and comfortable with increased boat traffic and more challenging conditions. 

Lights are required, and should be visible 360 degrees around your boat. A proper boat light, or two headlamps on your head in opposing directions can accomplish this. High-vis vests are available upon request at Hoodoo Adventures, as well as extra headlamps.