Get Alarmed about Carbon Monoxide – 1 PDH
Webinar - Zoom Platform / $35 Member & $50 Non-Member / 12pm-1pm, ET
March 30, 2023
Carbon monoxide poisonings and deaths are not “just accidents”. They are usually caused by appliances that fail to prevent carbon monoxide formation, systems that allow it to accumulate, and alarms that don’t protect human health. Carbon monoxide exposures occur in many different situations, but tragedies are usually caused by a combination of common factors: an unrecognized source of CO, a poorly ventilated space, and an inadequate alarm system. This talk will show why you should ‘Get Alarmed about Carbon monoxide’.

Speaker: Todd Crawford; New York State Department of Health

Todd Crawford works for New York State Department of Health in Albany, investigating and providing training on mold, indoor air quality, air monitoring, and chemical spills. He designs and manages investigations of ventilation problems, spills, mold contamination, vapor intrusion, and indoor air quality. 

He has prepared scientific publications, technical memos, and reports detailing, methods and procedures, exposures, health risks and mitigation of school environmental health problems.