Sprinkler System Installation Requirements
This seminar helps attendees understand how to navigate and find information in the NFPA 13 standard to help determine what sprinkler type to select and use?, spacing requirements? and proper installation locations?

Sprinkler System Installation Requirements

There are hundreds of types of sprinklers in use today.  Determining where to locate them can be a complex task. They need to be spaced properly and installed in specific locations to ensure coverage of the protected area and located far enough from obstructions to ensure that the spray pattern can adequately develop and control or suppress a fire.  The rules that govern this complex matrix of decisions are found in Chapter 8 of NFPA 13 (Chapter 10 through 18 in NFPA 13 -2022 Edition) on Installation Requirements.  This fast paced and interactive seminar will guide the participants through series of decisions and requirements that lead to compliance with NFPA 13 and ensure the system will operate properly when needed.  Attendees should bring a copy of the NFPA 13 with them.



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CASA will be utilizing Zoom Video Conferencing to deliver this Virtual Seminar.  We encourage all participants to download and create an account before the seminars begin.  You can download the software at https://zoom.us/