February 19, 2019  ·  Lakefront Brewery
DRIVEN-4 Milwaukee CAD/AR Event
PTC CAD/AR Seminar (Presented by DRIVEN-4)
February 19, 2019  ·  Lakefront Brewery

Join us on Tuesday February 19th for a content-rich half-day of insight on the latest PTC Creo Packaging Offerings/Capabilities and Vuforia AR potential for your organization.

Our DRIVEN-4 experts will share how these exciting new technologies are changing the world of product design and service.

  •  Overview of Creo 5.0 capabilities
    • Create Seamless, Smarter Product Design. Exciting new technologies are changing the world of product design. This session includes an overview of Creo 5.0 capabilities and our NEW Creo Design Packages offerings
  • Making Better 2D Definition
    • Any Model-Based Definition (MBD) process starts with the annotated 3D model.
    • Learn how capabilities in Creo help you to quickly annotate your 3D models while capturing the full semantic definition.
    • Not ready to move fully to MBD? This session also covers powerful improvements in 2D detailing.
  • Additive Manufacturing Tools & Techniques.
    • With Creo, what you design is actually what you print.
    • You will learn how to go from topology optimization for concept design to lattice modeling and metal printing, all within Creo. 
  • ANSYS Accelerate Product Innovation with Instant Feedback.
    • What if your 3D CAD software could provide you with real time feedback on your designs decision, reacting to changes as you make them?
    • Creo Simulation Live makes this a reality, providing guidance on the thousands of decisions you make throughout the development process, improving quality, reducing time to market and saving you money. This fast, easy to use tool, provides instant feedback in the modeling environment so you can create better designs.
  • Augmenting Your Product Design Reality.
    • Augmented Reality (AR) is changing product design.
    • Imagine easily sharing CAD models so that anyone, anywhere, anytime can interact with your design in full-size, contextual 3D and provide instant feedback.
    • Learn about how AR and CAD work better together and what that may mean for product design tomorrow.

February 19th from 11AM - 3 PM

Lakefront Brewery, 1872 N. Commerce Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Location: Lakefront Brewery, 1872 N. Commerce Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212