Hydrostatics (Fluid Statics), Hydrodynamics (Fluid Dynamics) and Hydraulic Machines - 7.5 PDHs
Webinar - Zoom Platform / 8:30am-5:00pm
September 10, 2021

NYSSPE has partnered with Sem-Train, LLC -  New York State Approved Sponsor

Cost: $325 Members / $350 Non-Members

This course is intended to serve as an introduction to fluid statics, hydrodynamics and hydraulic machines for attendees with little or no fluids background. This course transitions from hydraulics concepts to laws, mathematical equations, sample problems and practical hydraulics case study examples. For those attendees or participants who possess prior fluids knowledge and experience, this course, is intended to serve as a refresher of the basics and an introduction to intermediate level knowledge on the subject of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. As such, this course can be used to satisfy the Professional Development Hour requirement, as established by State Boards and other licensure agencies.

The Topics to be covered in this course are as follows: 

  1. Hydrostatics concepts and analysis.
  2. Hydrodynamics principles, laws and analytical techniques.
  3. Application of Bernoulli, Darcy, Hazen-Williams, Manning, Water Horsepower, and other hydrodynamics equations.
  4. Study of hydraulic machines commonly applied in industrial and commercial environment.
  5. Review of “wire to water “and “water to wire” power flow and efficiency
  6. Mathematical analysis involving matching of system head requirements with available pump curve

After attending this seminar, the participants will: 

  1. Be able to apply principles and techniques associated with fluid or hydrostatics. 
  2. Be able to understand, analyze and solve hydrodynamics problems.
  3. Know the distinction between various types of hydraulic machines.
  4. Possess skills needed to specify and select hydraulic machines for specific system head requirements.
  5. Be able to distinguish between turbulent and laminar flows.
  6. Be able to analyze open channel flow problems.
  7. Be able to calculate frictional head losses in fluid flow systems.
  8. Be able to analyze power and energy in hydroelectric systems

Speakers Bio:  Professor Bobby Rauf, P.E, C.E.M, MBA
Professor Bobby Rauf is the President, Chief Consultant and a Senior Instructor at Sem-Train, LLC. Bobby has over 25 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and post graduate Engineering, Science, Math, Business Administration and MBA courses, seminars and workshops. Prof. Rauf is registered (PE) Professional Engineer, in the States of Virginia, North Carolina, and Wyoming, a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified Ergonomist.

Pro. Rauf was inducted as "Legend in Energy" by AEE, in 2014.  He is a published author of multiple engineering and energy books, and professional Development courses.  He holds patents in process controls technology.