National Electrical Code NFPA 70 & 2020 Update - 7.5 PDHs
Webinar - Zoom Platform / 8:30am-5:00pm
February 25, 2022

NYSSPE has partnered with Sem-Train, LLC -  New York State Approved Sponsor

Cost: $325 Members / $350 Non-Members

This course covers key articles of the NFPA 70, aka, The National Electrical Code, and an update of 2020 changes. This course is designed so that even non-electrical engineers and non-electricians can learn the basic tenets of the NEC. Upon attending this course, participants will be able to identify codes pertaining to various electrical equipment installations. Participants will learn the methodology associated with analyzing and interpreting key articles in the National Electrical Code. Some key calculations related to the application of the code will be illustrated, followed by class exercises for knowledge reinforcement purposes.

The main focus of this course is low voltage (0 to 1000V). The major updates in the 2020 revision of the code will be covered. In order to enhance the participants’ understanding of the line current differences between three-phase AC, “Y” and “∆ - Delta” configurations - in the selection and application of protective devices - methods for calculating three-phase AC currents in “Y” and “∆ - Delta” loads will be covered. This course is designed for electrical engineers, non-electrical engineers with some electrical background, licensed electrical professional engineers, maintenance engineers, engineering managers, facilities managers and other professionals who are not familiar or current on National Electrical Code. This one-day review of the NEC is an abridged version of the typical one-week comprehensive course.

Learning Objectives & Take-Aways 

1.    Upon attending this course, participants will gain introduction to the National Electric Code. 

2.    Participants will learn how to navigate through National Electric Code. 

3.    Participants will get a deeper look at key NEC articles that govern electrical equipment installations. 

4.    Participants will take a “tour” of the 2020 NEC and get familiarized with significant updates. 

5.    Participants will learn how to perform calculations required in the application of key articles of the National Electric Code. 

6.    Participants will learn the difference between three-phase AC, “Y” and “∆ - Delta” configuration of loads and sources and know the significance of these configurations from practical power distribution and application perspective. 

Speakers Bio:  Professor Bobby Rauf, P.E, C.E.M, MBA
Professor Bobby Rauf is the President, Chief Consultant and a Senior Instructor at Sem-Train, LLC. Bobby has over 25 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and post graduate Engineering, Science, Math, Business Administration and MBA courses, seminars and workshops. Prof. Rauf is registered (PE) Professional Engineer, in the States of Virginia, North Carolina, and Wyoming, a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified Ergonomist.

Pro. Rauf was inducted as "Legend in Energy" by AEE, in 2014.  He is a published author of multiple engineering and energy books, and professional Development courses.  He holds patents in process controls technology.