July 22 - 30, 2017  ·  Wittman Regional Airport
2017 Transatlantic Adventure
Europe to Oshkosh July 2017

Dear friends,


For some this may be a first, for others it is a ritual....The transatlantic adventure to Oshkosh! 


Meeting point in Le Touquet on July 22nd for a briefing. Departure on July 23rd with this tentative routing:

Date   Start End Distance Flight time
July 22nd Briefing and dinner LFAT      
July 23rd Reykjavik and Blue Lagoon LFAT BIRK 1,105 4
July 24th Ilulissat Iqaluit BIRK BGJN CYFB 1,047 4.45
July 25th Oshkosh CYFB KCIU KOSH 1,226 6
July 26th Oshkosh: Daher BBQ KOSH      
July 27th  Oshkosh: Young Eagles dinner KOSH      
July 28th First flight Eastbound KOSH KBHB CYYT  1,500 5.45
July 29th Last evening in Iceland CYYT BGBW BIRK 1,500 5.45
July 30th Home on sunday BIRK LFAT 1,105 4

Other locations where availability is not an issue will be booked once routing is set to avoid any fees.  We have secured accommodation reservations in Iceland, Greenland and Oshkosh until we get your confirmation.Note that we are likely to amend this routing based on weather and winds. 


Wittman Regional Airport - Oshkosh, WI 54902 United States

Each Pilot in Command is the operator of his own flight and responsible for his passengers, hotel bookings and cancellations fees,  equipment, flight planning, decisions and Customs formalities. This includes survival gear, current charts, US visa, EAPIS and CANPASS formalities.

FLYING Smart is only there to assist and share past experience.

Further details will be provided for each leg and Oshkosh procedures.

Feel free to ask all your questions to David.Fabry@FLYINGSmart.aero