The Unreached Sessions
3 evening training sessions on reaching the unreached on your doorstep
January 4 - 18, 2021  ·  United Kingdom

Once upon a time, reaching the unreached nations, the unreached people groups of the world, meant packing your bags and moving to a foreign land to bring the gospel message of Jesus to those previously without access to it. Today, though that is still sometimes the case, it's not always. In an increasingly globalised world, God is presenting the church with the incredible opportunity to reach the nations right on our very own doorstep. Rather than purchasing a plane ticket, many of us can now walk right across the street and enter into a cross-cultural world, full of foods, languages and people we've never experienced before. Could this be part of God's plan to reach unreached people groups that are becoming increasingly more difficult to access? Could you be a part of God's plan to reach the nations right here, right now? Taking place from 7.30pm - 9pm each Monday, this 3-session training series will walk through practical ways to befriend the foreigner living amongst us and to cross cultural and linguistical barriers with the gospel message of Jesus and love of God.

The 3 sessions will include:

  • How to facilitate an English conversation group that opens up 'worldview' level conversation (Monday 4th January 2021)
  • How to develop a cross-cultural friendship with gospel/faith transparency (Monday 11th January 2021)
  • How to facilitate a cross-cultural bible study, also known as a Discovery Bible Study (Monday 18th January 2021)

These sessions are offered free of charge and are stand-alone, but each will build on the one before to equip you to reach out  cross-culturally in your own neighbourhood.


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