Path to Analytics in Durham
Make smarter operational decisions based on your systems’ data!

Want to learn about the modern ways to get meaningful data from your equipment? 

Need to get more out of your SCADA system? 

Want to get started on Industry 4.0 but not sure how? 

If so, come to the extended version of ES&E's Path to Analytics seminar in Durham on October 17, 2024, and learn how to make smarter operational decisions based on your systems’ data. Featured speakers will include industry experts from Rockwell Automation and ES&E.

In this seminar, you will discover multiple paths to collecting real-time data from various sources and the tools to aggregate, visualize, and analyze the data to help you make better decisions for better optimization.


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Durham, NC 27707
Location: Durham, NC 27707
Topics to be covered:

Legacy System Data Collection and Serving Data​

Analytics at the Device Level​

Design and Optimize Network

Reporting from Multiple Data Sources

Logix AI

Data Mosaic

Embedded Edge Compute

Data from PLCs to Business Systems