O’Brien Urology Center: Urothelium–Epithelia at the Front Line
O’Brien Urology Center: Urothelium–Epithelia at the Front Line
Complimentary Program, Livestream Only
October 20, 2021
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ET)

Program Overview
: Urothelium-Epithelia

Complimentary Symposium hosted by the Columbia University O'Brien Urology Center.

Symposium is directed by Cathy Mendelsohn, Jonathan Barasch, Ali Gharavi, Professors of Urology, Medicine, Pathology & Cell Biology, Columbia University.

The goal of this symposium is to expose health professionals and scientists with up-to-date information on Urothelium.

Learning Objectives

To provide cutting-edge information and research findings to clinicians and scientists at all stages of their career.

Target Audience
The course targets health professionals in the broad fields of urology, primary care, geriatrics, neurology, as well as researchers and scientists. This course is open to medical doctors, researchers, nurses, physician assistants, fellows, researchers and scientists.

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Course Directors
Professor of Medicine, Pathology & Cell Biology
Columbia University
Jay Meltzer Professor of Nephrology & Hypertension
Columbia University
Professor of Urological Sciences (in Urology) and Pathology & Cell Biology and Genetics & Development (in the Institute of Human Nutrition)
Columbia University
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