Cornerstone Awana 2019-2020
Cornerstone Awana 2019-2020
Join us for the 2019-2020 Awana Club Year!
September 18, 2019 - May 13, 2020  ·  Cornerstone Community Baptist Church

Hello Awana Parents and Families!

We are gearing up for the 2019—2020 Awana Club year! We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:15pm.

New to Awana? It is a program that helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and teens who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Our weekly program is organized with the purpose of instilling moral and spiritual lessons. Each night consists of:

  • A fun, fast-paced Game Time teaching cooperative teamwork
  • Achievement-oriented Handbook Time in which kids complete bookwork and recite memorized scripture
  • Council Time with group devotions, awards, and recognition

Still not sure if Awana is for you? Ask an Awana parent. They will most likely tell you that they didn’t think they could fit Awana into their already jam-packed schedule, but the passion and growth they see in their kids gives them a reason to make time for Club. That is why Awana kids (and parents) come back, year after year.

Our Club Secretary will be available to collect any necessary funds on that first night of Awana. The cost for Awana will be a flat rate of $50/child, maximum of $120/household. This will include your child's book, awards, uniform, bag, and club dues. Visit the "Additional Information" at the bottom of this page (below the map) for a Q&A about the change!

This year we will continue to have the following Clubs:

  • Puggles: Ages 2-3 (and not yet fully potty-trained)
  • Cubbies: Preschool (Must be 3 by September 18, 2019 and fully potty trained)
  • Sparks: Kindergarten-Second Grade
  • Truth and Training (TnT): Third Grade-Sixth Grade
  • Trek: Middle School (Sixth Grade-Eighth Grade)
  • Journey: High School

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us! (Please take note of the new contact information; you will find it below in the "Contact Organizer" section)

Thank you!

Josh Legas and Ashly Versoza

Cornerstone Awana Commanders


Wednesday, September 19
6:15 PM - 6:30 PM
6:15 PM - 6:30 PM
Check-in begins at 6:15pm on all club nights.
6:30 PM - 8:15 PM
6:30 PM - 8:15 PM
Wednesday, September 18
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
Wednesday, May 13
8:15 PM
8:15 PM
Cornerstone Community Baptist Church, 25030 Military Road South, Kent, WA 98032
Location: Cornerstone Community Baptist Church, 25030 Military Road South, Kent, WA 98032

CCBC Awana Annual Cost Q&A

Why is it a flat fee?

In reviewing our payment process, we found charging for individual items separately to be confusing and created extra administrative work for our Awana families and our secretary. We believe that a flat fee will make it easier to plan for club, and quicker to get through opening night check-in.

While it’s true that in a particular year a clubber may not need a uniform or book, keep in mind the other costs we did NOT include in the calculation of the yearly fee (ie. Awana Games equipment, Awana Club registration cost, small and large group lesson guides, Awana Store, candy and prizes, year end Awards Night, popcorn/ice cream nights, Christmas goodie gift bags, and more). When taken as a whole the cost per child to run Awana every year exceeds the $50 rate. We think this makes the yearly flat fee the best option for us and for you!

How was this fee calculated?

Our club secretary took the cost of a uniform and bag for each club level as well as a book and awards for every year in Awana (a total of $1,020 from Puggles-Journey) and divided that by the number of Awana years to determine the yearly fee, and then subtracted $10 to get to our new $50 price point, as not every child will come week to week or earn all of the possible awards. Maximum of $120/household.

What is my fee covering/not covering?

The $50 flat fee will cover a book, and any awards/patches/jewels for each year as well as a uniform and a bag for each club level.

The fee does NOT cover any uniform or bag outside of the one given their first year in a new club (ie. If your Sparky has a growth spurt and needs a new vest in 2nd grade, you will be charged the cost of the new vest. Or if your Trek Clubber loses their bag, you will be charged if you want a replacement).

The fee does not cover more than one of each handbook or bible study. If a book is lost or damaged, you can order a new one for the cost of replacement.

Additionally, we did not include any extra credit or review books in the cost as not every child makes it that far in a year. If your child completes a book and needs an extra credit review book, that will also charged when earned.

What if my kid doesn’t need anything new this year?

We would still ask that the $50 be paid. Remember that this is an averaged cost. Even if think you’re paying more than what you’re getting in supplies for a certain year, the next year you will probably pay much less than what you’re getting in supplies. This will also help you to plan and budget for each annual cost.


What if my child is only in Awana for part of the year?

As mentioned above, the $50 cost covers the uniform, book, bag, and awards for your child. If your child has earned any of these (typically after a couple of weeks) and taken them home, it is a flat cost to the Awana Club, and therefore would remain unchanged whether in the club for a month or a year.

Can I pay in installments?

If needed, you can make arrangements with our Club Secretary to determine the best payment plan for you. If we have your email address, we can send automatic reminders and billing through Square.

However, keep in mind that awards will not be given if a child’s fee is not paid by Awards Night (unless previous arrangements were made).

Are scholarships available?

We do not want fees to become a barrier for your family. If needed, let us know how much you are able to pay, and we may be able to waive some of the fees.