Hybrid Event Platform

The Eventleaf hybrid event platform is your go-to event management software for organizing a successful hybrid event. Design a modern and engaging event website that will attract attendees. Include all your in-person, hybrid, and virtual sessions that guests can attend in person or via a video conferencing service such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. Eventleaf also makes it easy for attendees to register and for you to collect payments. If you want to know what guests think of your event, you can conduct live polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions.

Create Event Website

Start by creating a slick event website that will help you promote your hybrid event to people worldwide. Once attendees register, you can provide more detailed information and event material via Eventleaf Guide App. Besides checking upcoming in-person and virtual events, attendees can use the app to manage their agenda and mark sessions and webinars they want to attend.

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Event Website
Hybrid and Virtual Events

Create In-Person, Hybrid & Virtual Sessions

When creating your overall event schedule, it's easy to organize in-person, hybrid, and virtual sessions and session-specific materials. With the Eventleaf Guide App, attendees have easy access to session details and can join any live or pre-recorded virtual event by pressing the join button.

Online Registration & Fee Collection

Hybrid events usually have multiple sessions that you want to offer separately. Eventleaf allows you to create multiple registration packages for your attendees to choose from. You can set up different pricing for all your in-person and virtual sessions. Not only can attendees pay in advance, but they can also pre-register and secure their in-person or virtual seats.

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Online Event Registration
Integrate with Zoom

Integrate with Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx

Integrate your virtual sessions with any of the leading video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and WebEx. Keep track of who attended the session and collect valuable data.

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Stream Live Video

Use any of the leading video streaming platforms such as YouTube to stream high-quality sessions with zero glitches. Attendees can watch the stream any time either on their desktop or using the Eventleaf Guide App on their phone or tablet.

Stream Live Conference Video
Restrict Attendee Access

Restrict Access to In-Person Sessions

Limit session access to registered attendees to secure the session from uninvited attendees. Only attendees who registered for the specific session can attend. The Eventleaf app automatically checks and identifies eligible attendees based on the registration package they bought.

Conduct Live Polls, Q&As & Surveys

Just because it's a hybrid event, it doesn't mean you can't collect valuable follow-up data through surveys. Attendees can respond to polls, Q&A sessions, and surveys directly via the mobile event app. Organize live polls and Q&A sessions in real-time and engage attendees by showing poll results on a shared screen.

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Conduct Live Polls