Virtual Conference Management Made Easy

Virtual conferences are gaining popularity because they are more cost-effective, convenient, and environment-friendly than in-person events. They are also easier to manage if you are using the right virtual conference management software.

Before we show you how easy it is to manage your conference using the Eventleaf platform, let's see what virtual conference management really is.

What is Virtual Conference Management

A virtual conference is a large, multi-session online event in which the attendees interact in a virtual environment. A virtual conference typically includes webinars, webcasts, live streaming, and interactive presentations. All of these activities must be well planned and coordinated for the conference to go smoothly.

Virtual Conference Management
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Tools for Virtual Conference Management

Just like in-person conferences, virtual conference management also requires software to run smoothly. Here is the technology you will need:

  • An event management platform for creating, promoting, and registering the conference
  • Video conferencing apps such as WebEx or Zoom
  • Live streaming apps such as YouTube and Facebook Live
  • Webinar apps such as GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, or GoToTraining

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The All-in-One Virtual Conference Management Platform

Virtual may be the new normal, but Eventleaf is still the best conference management platform. It is the all-in-one software that includes all the tools you need. Eventleaf's cloud-connected globally-accessible platform allow you to:

  • Easily create your virtual conference
  • Create a native mobile-friendly conference website
  • Register participants and share your event details via Eventleaf Guide App
  • Collect participation fees online
  • Present live via webinars, livestream or webcast
  • Collect feedback after the conference
  • Collect and manage conference abstracts online

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Start Planning Your Virtual Conference

You can start by creating your conference and designing a native event registration website on Eventleaf. Check it out, it's free!

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