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Focuses on making social prescribing pathways accessible, especially for those facing health challenges. Explores identification of needs, health equity, and creating accessible routes through various healthcare and community organisations. Sub-themes: Healthcare and community referrals.

Addresses the diverse needs of specific groups including children, LGBTIQ, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and chronic health patients. Papers should highlight quality of life improvements and address needs of carers and older individuals. Sub-themes: Targeted needs and interventions.

Examines activities in social prescribing like arts, nature, leisure, and physical activities for health enhancement. Papers should investigate the effectiveness of various social prescriptions. Sub-themes: Social prescription activities.

Discusses personal development and community contribution through education and volunteering. Papers should focus on skill development, participation, and supporting social prescribing sustainability. Sub-themes: Development and community contribution.

Explores connecting individuals to services through link work, community engagement, and digital platforms. Papers should study strategies for effective resource linkage based on individual needs. Sub-themes: Linking strategies to resources.

Concentrates on community development, strengthening ties, local government collaboration, and consumer co-design. Papers should present community-led initiatives and diverse group engagement for social cohesion. Sub-themes: Community initiatives and engagement.

Addresses the expansion, sustainability, and effectiveness of social prescribing on larger scales. Papers should examine program quality, evaluation techniques, and long-term viability. Sub-themes: Scalability and program evaluation.
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