2023 CONVERGE CFD Conference
2023 CONVERGE CFD Conference
September 26 - 28, 2023  ·  ONLINE


This year we’re hosting the inaugural CONVERGE CFD Conference in place of our annual user conference. Why? Because you don’t need to be a CONVERGE user to attend our event! Are you interested in learning about cutting-edge CFD research? Do you want to know what the future of industrial technology looks like? Are you curious about how simulation can help us create a more sustainable world? This conference is for you!

The theme of the 2023 CONVERGE CFD Conference is “Simulation for Sustainable Technology”. CFD is a powerful tool for designing cleaner, more efficient products and advancing our fundamental understanding of the world around us. The CONVERGE CFD Conference will bring together engineers from a diverse set of fields to discuss the latest advances in CFD and how we can most effectively apply simulation to different technologies and systems.


Society today is in the midst of a major transformation, moving toward more sustainable technology, increased automation, and improved outcomes for ourselves and our planet. The 2023 CONVERGE CFD Conference will focus on some of the industries undergoing significant changes, addressing the challenges those industries are facing and the solutions simulation offers. Join us for technical sessions exploring a variety of key research areas in the following industries:

Automotive Aerospace Energy Biomedical

Batteries Rockets Oil & gas Blood flow

Fuel cells Gas turbines Wind energy Aneurysms

Electric motors Alternative fuels Pumps & compressors Heart valves

Alternative fuels Rotating detonation engines Blood pumps

On-and off-road vehicles Bladder voiding

Advanced engine concepts


The 2023 CONVERGE CFD Conference will take place online from September 26–28. We’re holding our first CONVERGE CFD Conference virtually to ensure the event is accessible to CFD enthusiasts all around the world. To that end, the conference also has no registration fees!


The 2023 CONVERGE CFD Conference is an excellent opportunity to share your latest CONVERGE research with the CFD community. If you wish to speak at the conference, submit an abstract using the link below. No written paper is required.

Presenters must register for the conference and record their presentations prior to the event. In addition, presenters should be available for a live Q&A session during the conference.


Key Dates:

July 7 | Deadline for submission

July 14 | Abstract acceptance notifications sent

August 14 | Deadline to submit recorded presentation