August 16, 2019  ·  TBD
Day of Mindfulness-August 16th
Offered to any MMSD Employee in the district who has at least a beginning level of knowledge and skill in practicing mindfulness.

This day is offered to reach those with some base in a personal mindfulness practice (through a previous MMSD 10-hour Foundations in Mindfulness course, any other mindfulness or MBSR training or experience, or personal exploration that has led to at least beginning knowledge and skill in practicing mindfulness). The course is open to any MMSD employee including and not limited to teachers, student services staff, leaders, administrators, SEAs/BEAs/NAs/EAs, administrative support personnel, and all other staff in roles supporting schools directly or indirectly.

This retreat-style course will deepen participants knowledge and skills in the practice of mindfulness. Time will be devoted to refreshing the commitment to care for self and others through the many facets of mindfulness practice and its direct implication and impact in living a more sane life. Multiple mindfulness practices will be guided by the teachers with opportunities for reflection and dialogue toward the end of the day of practice. Participants will also be updated about mindfulness supports and resources for staff in MMSD.

Date:  August 16th, 10 AM to 4 PM


  • 0.6 PACs


  • Main Instructors: Erica Kruger/Tamar Jacobsohn/Lonna Stoltzfus
  • Co-Instructor(s): Jamie Domini/Claire Barrett Sara Parrell Title
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    • Tamar Jacobsohn:
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