September 15, 2017  ·  Bain Community Centre

This NRP workshop is designed by a midwife, for midwives. While it thoroughly reviews 7th edition NRP content, it is adapted for the home birth setting.

Participants are required to demonstrate skills in all areas of NRP, including intubation and UVC insertion. A card will only be issued by CPS if all of the requirements of the Advanced Megacodes are met.

The 8-hour day provides enough time to thoroughly review content and practice skills prior to assessment.

Friday, September 15
9:00 AM
Event Start
5:30 PM
Event End
Bain Community Centre - 100 Bain Avenue Toronto M4K 1E8 Canada
The Bain Co-op Community Centre is located off of Sparkhall Avenue at Logan at the end of the small parking lot. If you are coming from Bain Avenue, the Community Centre is above the laundry mat via the stairs to the left of it. The parking lot at the Community Centre is off limits, but there is free street parking on Bain Avenue, Logan Avenue and Sparkhall Avenue. Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to find the location. Some people have had trouble finding it.