August 14, 2019  ·  Promega (room 122)
Language! Live- August 14th
This course is designed for High School CC teachers and Reading Interventionists who will be teaching Language! Live in the 2019/20 School Year

This training is designed for teachers who have no prior experience with teaching Language! Live. Language! Live is a comprehensive reading intervention designed to accelerate reading achievement that utilizes a hybrid model of both computerized instruction and explicit, teacher directed instruction. It integrates five essential components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. It also has a writing component. Language! Live is designed for multiple entry points based on the placement test results/student reading level. It is an option for students who are not well matched to System 44 or READ 180, who have already taken System 44 or READ 180, or who need a learning environment with more direct and explicit instruction.

Language! Level 1 is designed for the student with a lexile range of BR to 300-500L, a fluency rate below 50 wpm and has significant gaps in foundational skills.

Language! Live Level 2 is designed for the student with a lexile range of 350-800+, a fluency rate of 60-120 wpm, who is scoring below basic on high stakes tests and /or is two or more years below grade level.


  • 0.6 PACs
  • 6 Hours Extended Employment