August 13, 2019  ·  Urban League of Greater Madison (101/102)
TransMath for New and Current Implementer- August 13th
This course is specifically designed for CC teachers who have experience teaching TransMath.

There will be two course offerings for TransMath this summer. This course is designed for teachers with previous experience teaching TransMath and using Vport/Vmath. Participants will increase their knowledge of the TransMath curriculum that is designed to support students with entry into algebra. TransMath is a comprehensive math intervention curriculum that targets middle and high school students who lack the foundational skills necessary for entry into algebra and are two or more years below grade-level in math. TransMath emphasizes fewer topics in greater depth while accelerating students to more advanced math, from number sense to rational numbers to understanding algebra.

There are three levels in TransMath

  • Level 1 - Developing Number Sense;
  • Level 2 - Making Sense of Rational Numbers;
  • Level 3 - Algebra: Expressions, Equations and Functions.

Course Content:

  • Placement of students

  • Differentiation

  • Fidelity of instruction

  • Assessment & Data Analysis

  • V-Math Live

  • Using V-port & online assessments

  • Q & A


  • 0.6 PACs
  • 6 Hours Extended Employment