July 22, 2019  ·  Lapham Elementary (room 235)
Edmark Reading Program- July 22nd
This course is designed for CC teachers working with students with significant disabilities.
Participants will gain knowledge of the Edmark Reading Program that is designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Edmark is a literacy curriculum that focuses on whole word functional sight word reading. Level 1 teaches students 150 words and level 2 teaches 200 words. Students read words in isolation, and then within phrases and sentences. Controlled text used: students are only presented with texts that contain words they have been taught in the program.

Used primarily with students with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism. Skill prerequisites for the program are few, including: pointing, matching, and sufficient receptive language to follow teacher cues. More importantly the student does not need to be verbal to participate.


  • 0.3 PACs
  • 3 Hours Extended Employment (can also be received while earning Academic Credit, but not PACs)