June 27 - 28 2019  ·  DAY 1 - Wingra Family Medical Center, 1102 S Park, Community Room / DAY 2 - Fresh Market, 703 University Ave
Foundational Restorative Justice / Circle Training- June 27th-28th
All MMSD staff, including teachers, Student Services, administrators, BEAs and SEAs.

This course will ground participants in the framework and mindset of restorative justice in education, make connections with the work of racial justice, and provide experience in and understanding of the foundational RJ practice of Circle - an intentional and structured communication process that supports authentic and meaningful human connections and cultural transformation.

(Focus will be on proactive use of Circle to develop relationships, sense of belonging, and community. Participants interested in Circle for conflict and repair of harm, and who have had previous foundational Circle training, may take the Tier 2 Circle training.)


  • 1.3 PACs OR
  • 1.0 Academic Credit from Edgewood College at $190/credit