June 13, 2019 - September 02, 2019  ·  Self-Paced
Google (Level 1) Cert. SELF-PACED Summer '19
Who should attend? Any staff interested in becoming a Google Certified educator. Format: Online Learning

Looking to take your knowledge of Google Apps to the next level? Jump into this completely self-paced academy and dive deeper into Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, YouTube and more!  Participants will engage in hands-on exploration of Google Apps with a focus on classroom application. 

Still wondering if you should become Google Certified? Learn the why and what about Google's Certification program below:

Completion of this workshop does not provide the participant with a Google Certification but prepares the individual to take the certification exam. (Cost $10)

Note: this course is also offered in a Blended Boot Camp format offering 7 hours of Face to Face instruction (June 19th @ Hamilton Middle School) to guide you through the certification process, to help with most common exam problems and to share many more G Suite tips and tricks.


Course is worth 3.0 PACs and will take about 30 hours.  It is entirely self-paced.