August 08, 2019  ·  Lapham Elementary (room 235)
REWARDS Intermediate and Secondary- August 8th
This course is designed for middle and high school CC teachers working with students needing specially designed instruction in literacy in multisyllabic word decoding, fluency, and vocabulary development.

REWARDS® Intermediate and Secondary introduce students to a unique multisyllabic word reading strategy. This strategy, developed by Dr. Anita Archer, has been proven effective in helping students:

  • Break words into manageable, decodable chunks

  • Read long words in content-area textbooks

  • Read accurately, quickly and with confidence

  • Increase oral and silent reading fluency

  • Improve comprehension as decoding and fluency increase


  • 0.6 PACs
  • 6 Hours Extended Employment (can also be received while earning Academic Credit, but not PACs)