August 13, 2019  ·  Goodman Community Center- 149 Waubesa St.
Welcoming Schools Summer Institute Out for Safe Schools- August 13th
Open to all MMSD school-based and district employees

This is an LGBTQ+ Ally training that will certify staff through the Out for Safe Schools Program.

The premise of OUT for Safe Schools™ is that school personnel are arguably the most critical agents for LGBTQ+ youth in building communities where students feel safe, secure, and accepted. The 2013 School Climate Study survey found that it takes seven supportive adults to counteract one incident of bullying amongst LGBTQ+ youth. Additionally, students who observe staff intervening to address anti-gay and anti-trans* comments feel safer, are less likely to miss school, and have higher academic achievement and educational aspirations (Kosciw et al., 2010). The research shows us repeatedly that the presence of supportive school personnel is core to school safety

OUT for Safe Schools™ taps into this knowledge by working to explicitly increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ educators and allies on school campuses to create LGBTQ+-supportive environments in schools. This is done by providing badges to those staff who wish to be known as a resource for students, staff, and families to discuss LGBTQ+-related concerns. Every school has administrators, coaches, counselors, teachers, cafeteria workers, clerical, and security personnel who are willing to be visible signs of support

OUT for Safe Schools™ encourages school staff (including administrators, teachers, bus drivers, etc.) to publicly identify as supportive LGBTQ+ allies on campus. Staff who wish to participate can wear badges displaying their willingness to talk to students and families about LGBTQ+ concerns. This lets students know that “safe spaces” aren’t limited to the classroom, but extend to anywhere there is an adult who is wearing this badge.

Please view the complete OUT for Safe Schools manual


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Parking:  There is a parking ramp located behind the Spark Building, one block behind the Sylvee.