LearnAI Bootcamp for Professional AI Developers (days3-4)-Chennai, India (Invitation Only)
Welcome to the second two days of the Cloud AI Bootcamp. We will focus on hands-on activities that develop proficiency in AI-oriented workflows leveraging AML Workbench,the Team Data Science Process, VSTS, Azure Batch AI, and Azure Container Services.
January 24 - 25, 2018  ·  Courtyard by Marriott


At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand and use the Team Data Science Process (TDSP) to clearly define business goals and success criteria
  • Use a code-repository system with the Azure Machine Learning Workbench using the TDSP structure
  • Create an example environment
  • Use the TDSP and AMLS for data acquisition and understanding
  • Use the TDSP and AMLS for creating an experiment with a model and evaluation of models
  • Use the TDSP and AMLS for deployment
  • Use the TDSP and AMLS for project close-out and customer acceptance
  • Execute Data preparation workflows and train your models on remote Data Science Virtual Machines (with or without GPUs) and HDInsight Clusters running Spark
  • Manage and compare models with Azure Machine Learning
  • Explore hyper-parameters on Spark using Azure Machine Learning
  • Leverage Batch AI training for parallel training on GPUs
  • Deploy and Consume a scoring service on Azure Container Service
  • Collect and Analyze data from a scoring service in production to progress the data science lifecycle.


 Important! You must complete the following requirements before attending the boot camp  

In preparation for the upcoming Machine Learning Boot Camp, there are a few things you need to do to be able to take the class. These activities take about 2.5 hours in total, and must be completed prior to showing up for the event. You must bring the “Web Service ID” code (described below) with you to sign-in at the event.


What you will need: 


Once you have the above requirements in place, perform the following tasks:

  1. Navigate to this resource, and complete all of the steps you find there
  2. Navigate to this resource, and complete all of the steps you find there
  3. Navigate to this resource, and complete the through the section marked “Create a real-time web service in one command” you find there
  4. The result is a Web Service ID – bring that number with you to the Boot Camp to sign-in 

Tentative Agenda

Please note: This is a rough agenda, and the schedule is subject to change pending class activities and interaction.

  • Day 1
    • 9-11: Introduction and Context
      • 10-11: Lab 3.1: Introduction to Team Data Science Process with Azure Machine Learning
    • 11-12: Lab 3.2: Comparing and Managing Models with Azure Machine Learning
    • 12-1: Lunch
    • 1-2:20 Lab 3.3: Deploying a data engineering or model training workflow to a remote execution environment
    • 2:30-3:50 Lab 3.4: Managing conda environments for Azure Machine Learning workflows
    • 4-5: Summary and White-board Discussion
  • Day 2
    • 9-10: Introduction and Context.
    • 10-11: Lab 4.1: Explore hyper-parameters on Spark using Azure Machine Learning
    • 11-12:00: Lab 4.2: Deploying a scoring service to Azure Container Service
    • 12-1: Lunch
    • 1:00-1:50: Lab 4.3: Consuming the final service
    • 2:00-2:50: Lab 4.4: Collect and Analyzing Data from a scoring service
    • 3:00-3:50: Lab 4.5: Updating a Model in Production using Model Management Service
    • 4-5: Summary and White-board Discussion
Courtyard by Marriott - Chennai India



Cost of Training: This training is offered free of charge


Travel and Hotel Accommodations: Partners are responsible for arranging and paying for their own flights, lodging, and transportation to the training location. Microsoft Employees are responsible for arranging and their own flights, lodging, and transportation in accordance with MS policies. Recommendation for all attendees to fully participate, please arrive the day before and plan on departing late evening or the day after training ends. Hands-on activities and application typically continue until 5pm each day of training.


Arrival on-site and Training check-in: 

For Training's at Microsoft facilities: Please be prepared with Government issued identification (or Microsoft issued badge) to check-in for training at the Microsoft building Receptionist. For attendees driving a vehicle to the on-site training, please park in designated Visitor parking spaces and notify the receptionist during check-in. 


Dress code: The dress code is business casual.


Additional site information: [copy site URL]


Meals: Continental breakfast and lunch, as well as refreshments, are provided each day. Dinner is not provided.