LearnAI Bootcamp for Emerging AI Developers (days1-2)- Lisbon, Portugal(Invitation Only)
Welcome to the first two days of the Learn AI Bootcamp. In these two days, we will focus on hands-on activities that develop proficiency in AI-oriented services such as Azure Bot Services, Azure Search, and Cognitive Services.
March 05 - 06, 2018  ·  Portugal


Most challenges observed by customers in these realms are in stitching multiple services together. As such, where possible, we have tried to place key concepts in the context of a broader example.

At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to configure your apps to call Cognitive Services
  • Build an application that calls various Cognitive Services APIs (specifically Computer Vision, Face, Emotion)
  • Understand how to implement Azure Search features to provide a positive search experience inside applications
  • Configure an Azure Search service to extend your data to enable full-text, language-aware search
  • Build, train, and publish a LUIS model to help your bot communicate effectively
  • Build an intelligent bot using Microsoft Bot Framework that leverages LUIS and Azure Search
  • Effectively log chat conversations in your bot
  • Perform rapid development/testing with Ngrok and test your bots with unit tests and direct bot communication
  • Effectively leverage the custom vision service to create image classification services that can then be leveraged by an application


    Important Resources that need to be completed/installed and configured before attending the Boot camp

    This workshop is meant for an AI Developer on Azure. Since this is only a short workshop, there are certain things you need before you arrive.

    • Firstly, you should have some previous exposure to Visual Studio. We will be using it for everything we are building in the workshop, so you should be familiar with how to use it to create applications. Additionally, this is not a class where we teach you how to code or develop applications. We assume you have some familiarity with C#(intermediate level)  - given here, but you do not know how to implement solutions with Cognitive Services.
    • Secondly, you should have some experience developing bots with Microsoft’s Bot Framework. We won’t spend a lot of time discussing how to design them or how dialogs work. If you are not familiar with the Bot Framework, you should take this Microsoft Virtual Academy Course prior to attending the workshop.
    • Thirdly, you should have experience with the portal and be able to create resources (and spend money) on Azure. We will not be providing Azure passes for this workshop.
    • Finally, before arriving at the workshop, we expect you to have completed Setup along with the installing and configuring the following for Custom Vision:
    •     Training Client Library:  package from NugGet
    •     You can install it through the Visual Studio Package manager. Access the package manager by navigating through: Tools->NuGet Package         Manager->Package Manager Console.
    •      In the console, add the NuGet with: Install-Package Microsoft.Cognitive.CustomVision.Training -Version 1.0.0
    •     Training API Key: The training API key allows you to create, manage and train Custom Vision project programmatically.
    •     You can obtain a key by creating a new project using the link here  and then clicking on the “setting” gear in the top right. 

    Tentative Agenda

    Please note: This is a rough agenda, and the schedule is subject to change pending class activities and interaction.

    -Day 1: Cognitive Services
      - 8-9 (optional): Setup assistance
      - 9-10: Introduction and Context for Cognitive Services
      - 10-12: [Lab 1.1: Using Portable Class Libraries to Simplify App Development with Cognitive Services (Computer Vision)](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-01-1)
      - 12-1: Lunch
      - 1-1:30: [Lab 1.2: Creating an Image Classification Application using the Custom Vision Service I](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-02-3)
      - 1:30-2:00: [Lab 1.3: Creating an Image Classification Application using the Custom Vision Service II](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-02-4)
      - 2:00-2:30: [Lab 1.4: Creating an Image Classification Application using the Custom Vision Service III](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-02-5)
      - 2:30-3:45: [Lab 1.5: Developing Intelligent Applications with LUIS](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-01-2)
      - 3:45-5: Business Case I - Cognitive Services

    - Day 2: Bots
      - 9-10: [Lab 2.1: Developing Intelligent Applications with Azure Search](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-01-2)
      - 10-10:30: Introduction and Context for Bots
      - 10:30-12: [Lab 2.2: Bulding Intelligent Bots](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-01-2)
      - 12-1: Lunch
      - 1-2:  [Lab 2.3: Log Chat Conversations in your Bot](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-02-1)
      - 2-3: [Lab 2.4: Testing your Bot](https://aka.ms/LearnAI-EmergingAIDevBootcamp-02-2)
      - 3-4: Business Case II - Bots
      - 4-5: Q&A and Feedback for Emerging AI Bootcamp


    Rua do Fogo de Santelmo, Lote 2.07.02 Parque das Nações 1990-110 Lisboa Portugal



    Cost of Training: This training is offered free of charge


    Travel and Hotel Accommodations: Partners are responsible for arranging and paying for their own flights, lodging, and transportation to the training location. Microsoft Employees are responsible for arranging and their own flights, lodging, and transportation in accordance with MS policies. Recommendation for all attendees to fully participate, please arrive the day before and plan on departing late evening or the day after training ends. Hands-on activities and application typically continue until 5pm each day of training.


    Arrival on-site and Training check-in: 

    For Training's at Microsoft facilities: Please be prepared with Government issued identification (or Microsoft issued badge) to check-in for training at the Microsoft building Receptionist. For attendees driving a vehicle to the on-site training, please park in designated Visitor parking spaces and notify the receptionist during check-in. 


    Dress code: The dress code is business casual.


    Additional site information: [copy site URL]


    Meals: Continental breakfast and lunch, as well as refreshments, are provided each day. Dinner is not provided.