July 29, 2019  ·  Lapham Elementary (room 235)
Early Numeracy Program- July 29th
This course is designed for CC teachers working with students with significant disabilities.

Participants will gain knowledge of the Early Numeracy Program that is designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Early Numeracy is a replacement math curriculum researched and designed to help students with intellectual disabilities develop basic number sense concepts.

Targeted skills:

  • Counting with 1:1 correspondence;
  • Counting movable and non-movable objects;
  • Identifying and naming numerals 1 to 10;
  • Rote counting to 20;
  • Creating and adding sets to 10;
  • Comparing sets for =, > and <; Identifying symbols =,>,<;
  • Recognizing, extending and creating ABAB patterns;
  • Measuring using a calendar;
  • Measuring with nonstandard units;
  • Measuring with standard units.


  • 0.3 PACs
  • 3 Hours Extended Employment (can also be received while earning Academic Credit, but not PACs)