August 13, 2019  ·  Memorial High School
Teaching Compacted College Prep Mathematics- August 13th
Teachers of students receiving 6/7a or 7b/8 compacted math course instruction,

The Compacted CPM teacher training is designed to support teachers in preparation for teaching students in the MMSD compacted mathematics sequence, 6/7a and/or 7b/8. During the workshop, teachers will work to understand the Course Option sequences available for MMSD middle school students and explore the Common Core Standards that are woven across the grade bands to best support students’ needs. Workshop activities provide opportunities for teachers to engage in collaborative lesson planning to help them prepare to meet the needs of the compacted course pacing and content expectations.

Participants choose a one or two day workshop experience; day one will focus on shared learning for the group while day two of the workshop will be a facilitated planning day.


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