Parenting the Non - Binary Child Nov 14, 6- 9pm
Upgrade your Gender IQ and Embrace this new journey together
November 14, 2019  ·  Roberts Creek, British Columbia

SO, Your child has recently told you - Don't label me, I'm non - binary. Call me they. I'm not a boy, I'm a girl.....

As the conscious being that you are, you definitely want to support your child and parent them in the best way possible. However this whole trending world of queer, bi gender, gender neutral, gender queer, pan gender, gender fluid, cisgender, non binary, all genders, transgender, transsexual drag queen, cross dresser, (there's more words still).. is somewhat confusing 

In this enlightening 3 hour workshop, you will upgrade your Gender IQ, get the distinctions of the new gender culture your children are living in, ask anything trans, gender and sexuality related, and in a safe space, present your parenting challenges for coaching. Tien the Gender Guide will guide with brilliance, humour and wisdom. You will leave a more enlightened human with skills and abilities to embrace and navigate the changing gender waters of your child with wisdom, honour, grace and most importantly with a deeper connection and love for the soul you parent!

This is a workshop for parents, educators, extended family, wellness providers, coaches and counsellors 18+.  Sexuality, sex organs, gender roles, gender expression will be addressed

'I have l learnt how much of a limitation we were blind to. By having my child play in different gender roles, her brain remains expansive. Certainly children are wanting to concretely figure out where they belong, so they are naturally looking to see if they belong to girl or boy - however, whenever I bring one of these tensions to Tien, he always has great suggestions on how to reconcile it. For example, support the child in belonging to a quality like 'strong' or 'kind' ...or the 'Granger family'. Tien is safe, fun and relatable AND makes the child think. I can literally watch how the already assigned cultural beliefs at such a young age are questioned, and then a smile emerges when she GETS IT!' Kari Granger, MCC