Slingerland Short Class Series at Hamlin Robinson School, Seattle WA
Slingerland Short Class Series at Hamlin Robinson School, Seattle WA
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March 06, 2020 - June 27, 2020  ·  Hamlin Robinson School

The Slingerland® Approach Short Classes focus on specific components of the comprehensive training. They provide practical tools for teachers, parents, or paraprofessionals who work with children who need a multisensory approach to learning. No practicum is included with the short class.

HRS will host the following Short Classes, Spring 2020:

    1-  Pre-Reading Skills Class (June 26-27) (note date changed from March 6-7))

    2-  Handwriting Skills Class (This class is being rescheduled until later this year; dates will be updated when available)

    3 - Screening Skills Class (May 15-16) (note this class has been cancelled)

Classes will be held on Fridays 4:00 to 8:00 pm and Saturdays, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

These 12.5 hour classes are also approved for continuing education units through the University of San Diego. These credits are not part of a degree program and are at the option of the teacher/participant. Additional units or credit may be available through a local site. Clock hours will be available through 247Ed.  Registration occurs AFTER the class begins.  Details on clock hours will be provided at the beginning of each class.

Class descriptions are provided below:

        • Pre-Reading Skills:  This class offers instruction based on the work of Beth H. Slingerland for professionals working with preschool through first grade students. The content of the class includes some precursors to formal reading: oral language, phonemic awareness, and the sight, sound and form of each letter of the alphabet. These beginning multisensory skills can prevent failure and give children the foundation needed for future success with formal reading, writing and spelling.
        • Handwriting Skills:  This class offers instructional techniques for teaching manuscript and cursive handwriting using the Slingerland® Approach. The teacher/participant will become proficient with both writing forms and will learn methods of presenting handwriting skills to all levels of students. While each person ultimately develops individual styles of handwriting, this class will show teachers how to make legible writing possible for all students. Teacher/participants will actively apply the Slingerland® Approach multisensory techniques in practice session.
        • Screening Skills:  Slingerland Screening Procedures, Forms A, B, C, and D for students.  These procedures, developed by Beth H. Slingerland, help identify students with specific language disabilities.  The sooner these children are identified, the sooner remediation can begin.  The tests can also aid in identifying students who will benefit from structured multisensory instruction and whose current language difficulties may continue beyond periods of development or maturational lag and become persistent specific language disabilities in later grades.

             You will find a more detailed class description page on the Slingerland website (classes page). The Slingerland class dates/location list is always being updated so please continue to check the events page on our website to see the complete list of current classes (events page). All classes require a minimum of 8 participants. A class may be cancelled due to low enrollment.


        Available Short Classes
        Pre-Reading Skills Short Class - June 26-27, 2020
        550.00 USD
        Screening Skills Short Class - May 15-16, 2020
        560.00 USD

        Hamlin Robinson School, 1701 20th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144
        Location: Hamlin Robinson School, 1701 20th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

        Below is more information about what you will learn by taking the Short Classes.

        Pre-Reading Skills Class Content:

        • The understanding of what children need to know before they learn to read.
        • A study of the normal development of oral language.
        • Oral language skills – listening and speaking.
        • Phonological awareness activities for the classroom.
        • The sight, sound, form and key-word of each letter of the alphabet.
        • The major components of reading acquisition.
        • Current assessment strategies for beginning readers.
        • Indicators of reading problems and characteristics of language/learning disabilities.

        Screening Skills Class Content:

        • How to use the Slingerland Screening Procedures for referral or remediation.
        • How these screenings can reveal important information about a student’s learning patterns.
        • How to identify strengths and weaknesses in language learning for every child in your classroom.
        • How these strengths and weaknesses impact reading, handwriting, written and oral expression and spelling.
        • How to compare auditory, visual and kinesthetic-motor performance.
        • How paraprofessionals can assist in the screening and scoring process.

        Handwriting Skills Class Content:

        • The purpose of handwriting instruction.
        • The developmental stages of handwriting in students.
        • The ability to identify breakdowns in the learning process and develop prescriptive lesson plans.
        • Styles of letter form including manuscript and cursive.
        • Strategies for multisensory instruction teaching new letter forms and reviewing those previously taught.
        • Strategies for teaching students to copy accurately from far point and near point.
        • The beginning steps for putting handwriting to functional use.