Upgrade your Gender IQ! Aug 30
Ready to Upgrade Your Gender Awareness?
August 30, 2020  ·  Zoom Online Meeting - 10a-Noon PT

The world is evolving fast. From gay rights to feminism, race politics and social awareness, we are now at a fascinating time where GENDER is at the forefront. Conversations around gender identity are shifting, and the language is expanding. The youth are defining themselves as Enby, non-conforming and more! You, as a conscious human being are definitely on board for this expansion of humanity. This is the hot topic of the new millennium! 

It seems like everyday, there is a new term, and you may have some basics already handled, but to be honest, it is confusing and you may be at a loss when words like queer, arrow, demi, cis-sexist, non-binary, all genders, transgender come up. There is so much to grasp. You have loved ones questioning or transitioning, your children are not gendered the way you were, it seems like there are always new words to learn and speak. OR you are finding yourself now being over cautious about pronoun use, or concerned about how to best behave. It is all rather overwhelming.  


While you do want to address each person with honour, you are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Perhaps you just want to be politically correct and love all people. So you smile and nod, you hit the pride button on your social media page, and hope you gained some karma points. But to be honest, you are not fully informed and therefore unable to authentically and powerfully act from a place of ease and joy.

Enter Tien Neo Eamas, Your Gender Guide 

You now have the exciting opportunity to ask all the questions around this seemingly confusing genre, GENDER. This 2-hour online program with Tien Neo Eamas will upgrade your Gender IQ in an open, safe and humorous workshop. 

This is your chance to ask anything gender and sexuality related. You can ask all those questions you have always wanted to ask but haven't known who to turn to. Even the ones you've been too embarrassed to ask because it seems politically incorrect. Or maybe you've been afraid to ask for fear that some trans savvy person will flag and chastise you as trans unfriendly.  

Tien, Your Gender Guide will answer all your questions with brilliance, humour and wisdom, and will open a whole new realm of awareness that you did not know existed in this conversation around gender. With the confusion and fear out of the way, you will be left more enlightened and conscious, with the ability to connect soul to soul! 

This is an interactive program, please have your questions ready to ensure full participation. Teaching points are delivered based on the questions asked and the interactive conversation that results. 

 *Tien speaks about and teaches gender freedom, not from a place of social injustice, or political correctness, but from the place of conscious creation and the expansion of humanity to the next ultimate level of freedom and choice. His commitment is to open up a new realm, so that who you are BEING about these issues now comes from a place of FREEDOM! *

UPGRADE YOUR GENDER IQ is a course for folks 14+. Sexuality, sex organs, gender roles and gender expression will undeniably come up. Don't be shy; Your Gender Guide has heard it all. 

Humanity is evolving! Upgrade your Gender IQ!