Art for Insights
Gain insight to your life through art
February 25, 2020  ·  The Healing Shala

In this 3-week group workshop we will use art as a tool for insight. Art taps into the subconscious mind and can be a powerful gateway toward finding answers to some your questions in life, moving through challenges and providing insight to the future.

Each week we will engage in a new art project that with a therapeutic emphasis. No art experience is needed to attend this workshop, just a willingness to let your inner child come out!

It's imperative you attend all 3 sessions, as each workshop stacks onto the next. This is also a great opportunity to meet other people in a fun, safe environment. While this is a group setting sharing your findings and experiences is optional, you will still get great value from simply participating in the art.

Cost is $149 paid up front for all 3, 90-minute sessions and includes art supplies. If there are less than 5 attendees the group will be cancelled. This event is not for participants under 16.


February 25 - (10:30-Noon)

March 3 -(10:30-Noon)

March 10 - (10:30-Noon)

The Healing Shala, 1041 Northside Drive, Cool, CA 95614
Location: The Healing Shala, 1041 Northside Drive, Cool, CA 95614