GENIVI Alliance
Developing open software for IVI and the connected car.
Organization Description

The GENIVI Alliance provides standards and an open connectivity platform that accelerates innovative solutions based on open software for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and connected vehicles.

The alliance has built a strong a community where automotive experts and thought leaders from related industries (e.g., content providers, mobility, etc.) can collaborate to produce adoptable standards and open source code.  These collaborations are often based on industry trends that require collaborative development of solutions for increased functionality in automobiles.  GENIVI has become a community where ecosystems outside of the automotive industry can meet and leverage the global automaker and supplier network in the GENIVI membership.

GENIVI is accelerating innovation within the automotive ecosystem and driving initiatives founded on leading trends including system on a chip (SOC) consolidation, advanced user interfaces, software-over-the-air (SOTA), car-to-cloud connectivity and entertainment in autonomous vehicles. Our strong and collaborative community couples these key automotive trends with open technology that is adopted in commercial solutions and deployed in many automotive brands worldwide.

An example of automotive trends meeting open technology is the GENIVI Vehicle Domain Interaction Strategy. GENIVI, in collaboration with other global technology providers, is developing open standard interfaces and code that bridge multiple car software domains. The bridging of domains is critically needed in order to deliver a unified passenger interaction across different in-car systems (e.g., safety, infotainment, and consumer electronics).  

GENIVI has also delivered multiple software components that have been adopted and deployed in production vehicles worldwide.  Developed by GENIVI, several standard interfaces (APIs) have been adopted in many commercial and open source solutions.  These software components and interfaces are combined into a buildable baseline (based on Yocto Project’s meta-ivi layer) as well.  This baseline is the basis of the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) that is an open source, automotive development platform where prototypes and innovative IVI and connected vehicle solutions can be rapidly developed and tested.

Based on GENIVI worldwide adoption and solution availability, many automakers and suppliers agree that GENIVI technologies are at the forefront of a new generation of IVI and connected car solutions.