FAIR Institute Brisbane Chapter Meeting
Navigating Cyber Risk: Current Trends and Future Directions
April 09, 2024  ·  Brisbane Square Library

The FAIR Institute Brisbane Chapter Committee warmly welcome you to this inaugural meeting. The Brisbane Chapter provides the opportunity to meet with your peers across a variety of industries in your geographical area to learn from each other’s expertise and operational practices. Together, you will advance your knowledge of FAIR and expand its range of applications. The chapter meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 9 from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Brisbane Square Library.

In this meeting, industry Chapter Co-Chair, CISO Pat Dunstan will open proceedings with a look at the current state of risk management in Queensland and Australia more broadly. Pat will share his personal experiences in Critical Infrastructure and some of the risk management challenges faced in his day-to-day dealings as a manager within CI. Following on from Pat’s introduction, a panel discussion will take place with four of Queensland’s respected cyber industry experts to discuss the current state of cyber risk management, where it’s headed, and what the future holds.  

This is an inclusive event, with all backgrounds and levels of experience encouraged to attend. This is an in-person event only, with drinks and dinner will be held after in the Brisbane CBD.

It is likely that some sensitive operational information, although anonymised, might be discussed. Therefore, this session will NOT be recorded, and Chatham House Rules do apply.

Panel Members: - Sergeja Slapnicar, Associate Professor in Accounting at The University of Queensland Sergeja is Associate Professor in Accounting at the University of Queensland Business School, with research interests covering internal audit, accountability and governance in cyber security risk management. Sergeja publishes in many top accounting and security journals and is a passionate educator and has over 15 years of Board experience serving as a member of the Education Committee of the Institute of Internal Auditors as well as other global organisations across banking, pharmaceuticals, and others. - Mike Younger, Partner at PwC Mike is a Partner in PwC’s Cybersecurity team, with over 20 years in Cyber and Tech. He is a passionate about cutting edge technology, and focuses his services in delivering to the Asset intensive and Critical Infrastructure sector, including expertise in OT Security. - Adam Cunningham, Founder & CEO at CyberPredictIT Adam has held various professional and leadership roles in cyber security in Deloitte, Telstra and IAG to name a few. Adam is the Founder and CEO of his own cyber practice specializing in Machine learning and AI strategies to reduce cyber risk and exposure while demystifying cybersecurity reporting to business execs and boards. Adam is a leader in cyber security, strategy, cloud and enterprise architecture and has guided Federal and Queensland State Government, private organisations and non-profit organisations through security lead digital transformation and built some of Australia’s most profitable security services. - Chris Dalziel, Senior Consultant at Hudson Chris is a dedicated Talent Hunter at Hudson, specialising in cybersecurity recruitment. With a keen eye for talent and a passion for matching the right professionals with the right opportunities, Chris plays a pivotal role in helping companies boost their cyber defences. Chris has a keen eye for the unique challenges that companies face in finding top-tier cybersecurity talent. His expertise lies in identifying candidates who possess not only the technical skills but also the adaptability and strategic mindset required to thrive in the changing landscape of cybersecurity.

Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000
Location: Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000