ES&E Motion Headquarters 2024
An introduction to the world of Motion Control including a hands-on lab with Rockwell Automation's Kinetix Motion Control products.

Looking to improve your production metrics? Join ES&E and Rockwell Automaton for this one day event to learn how motion control can simplify machine designs, enhance system flexibility, and increase overall performance. Have you never used Rockwell Motion Control or are unsure if you can benefit from it? Perfect—this seminar is for you! We are also offering this seminar on two dates for your convenience. Choose whatever date works best for you!

Seminar Topics:

  • Physics and Motors for Motion - Discover how motors and motion power our world and get acquainted with linear motors, actuators, and the role of shaft couplings and gearboxes in enhancing the precision of a motion control system.
  • Sizing your Servo system - Looking to enhance your system performance while minimizing cost? Understanding servo system sizing is key! Master the art of servo system sizing with expert tips to boost performance while cutting costs.
  • Application Considerations - Optimize your product selection and ensure safety with a comprehensive guide to drive and motion system applications. Gain knowledge on encoders, dual loop positioning applications, and the world of shunt/dynamic brake/brake resistor circuits for efficient energy dissipation in drives.
  • Program Considerations - Delve into the world of Logix Controllers and discover how to synchronize motion over Ethernet for seamless automation. Dive into different Network Architectures and learn about Managed and Unmanaged Switches and the importance of switch selection.
  • Installation Best Practices - Learn correct installation practices and key considerations such as ground and bonding rules, optimal panel layouts, wire segregation, harmonics, and ways to mitigate EMI. Review how environmental factors impact equipment performance and longevity.


Demo and Hands-On Lab Topics:

  • Motion & Tuning
  • Gearing & Camming
  • Kinetix 5300 & 5700 Servo Drives
ES&E Apex, 1000 Classic Road, Apex, NC 27539
Location: ES&E Apex, 1000 Classic Road, Apex, NC 27539