FAIR Institute Sydney Chapter Meeting - Feb 2024
Measuring and Valuing Privacy - Hybrid Event
February 21, 2024  ·  IBM Australia

This is a hybrid event and virtual information will be send to you before the meeting. Please register to get the replay link after the event if you can't attend in person. The chapter meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 21 from 12-1 PM.

2024 is quickly shaping as the new frontier for the battle in Privacy management. For starters, a database containing over 12 terabytes or 26 billion records was uncovered by cyber security researcher and owner of SecurityDiscovery.com Bob Diachenko in January. This data dump includes data belonging to major companies, including Twitter, Adobe, LinkedIn and more.

However, these data breaches do not seem to curtail the insatiable appetite of mega-corporations to hovering up even more consumer data at any cost. For example, Telly showcased a free 55-inch smart TV offer at the CES 2024 show in return for the viewers’ data and some advertisements. Is it a bargain or not? It was not that long ago, back in 2004, when BBC reported in a survey that more than 70% of people would reveal their computer password in exchange for a bar of chocolate. No doubt, a 55-inch TV is worth a lot more money than a bar of chocolate. Perhaps consumers are getting smarter!

In this meeting, David Vohradsky, will present an update on how mega-corporations from smart car manufacturers to Instagram and Facebook will collect massive amounts of personal data (from sexual activity, health diagnosis data to genetic data) for merely the right to use the technology consumers have already paid for, without a free chocolate bar and let alone a 55-inch smart TV. David will walk through a few frameworks consumers could use to evaluate their privacy risk exposures and quantify the associated risk to make an informed decision on their privacy protection.

Victoria Young and Murali Sagi will join David in an expert panel moderated by Helen Teixeira to explore legal and policy options for improving privacy risk management.

IBM Australia, 259 George Street Lvl 17, Sydney, New South Wales 2000
Location: IBM Australia, 259 George Street Lvl 17, Sydney, New South Wales 2000