54th Annual FACTE Conference & Trade Show-Copy
July 20 - 22, 2020  ·  SeaWorld Renaissance

The 54th FACTE Conference & Trade Show will be held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. There will be preconferences hosted by FAAE, FAITE, FBTEA and HOEAF on Monday, July 20th. The Awards Breakfast, breakout sessions, and Scholarship Auction & Dinner will all take place on Tuesday, July 21st. Wednesday will be reserved for DOE Updates, industry certification information, ACTE Updates, and more FACTE content. Please visit www.facte.org for more information as the conference agenda develops. 


Member Registration 300.00 USD
Non-Member Registration 400.00 USD
One Day Registration - Tuesday, July 21st 250.00 USD
One Day Registration - Wednesday, July 22nd 200.00 USD
FAAE Preconference 75.00 USD
FAITE Preconference 25.00 USD
HOEAF Preconference 0.00 USD
FBTEA Preconference 50.00 USD
FACTE Preconference Event: Introduction to Python 50.00 USD
Two-Day Exhibitor Booth 600.00 USD
Bronze Sponsorship 5,000.00 USD
Silver Sponsorship 7,000.00 USD
Gold Sponsorship 10,000.00 USD
Pens 650.00 USD
Stuffers 200.00 USD
Full Page Ad 250.00 USD
Additional Items
FACTE & Division Membership 75.00 USD
Division Membership in PLC County 25.00 USD
Extra Breakfast Ticket 45.00 USD
Extra Dinner Ticket 60.00 USD
SeaWorld Renaissance, , Orlando, FL
Location: SeaWorld Renaissance, , Orlando, FL