54th Annual FACTE Conference & Trade Show-Copy
October 11 - 14, 2020  ·  SeaWorld Renaissance

The 54th FACTE Conference & Trade Show will be held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. There will be preconferences hosted by FAAE, FAITE, FBTEA and HOEAF.

As you may know, the FACTE Board voted recently to postpone our 54th Annual Conference and Trade Show. FACTE cares very much about the safety and well-being of our members, business associates, and Florida's Career and Technical Educators. We are planning to hold our 54th Annual Conference the week of October 11th at the SeaWorld Renaissance. The details of this fall conference will hopefully be finalized by the end of next week. We will update you regarding the new dates and times as soon as everything is finalized. We will work with the hotel to ensure our event adheres to whatever CDC guidelines may be in effect in October. This is a challenging time for everyone, and we must all do our best to adapt.

Thank you for your continued support of FACTE. You will hear more from us in the coming days and weeks, but we hope to see you again in the Fall.


Member Registration
300.00 USD
Non-Member Registration
400.00 USD
One Day Registration - Tuesday, July 21st
250.00 USD
One Day Registration - Wednesday, July 22nd
200.00 USD
FAAE Preconference
75.00 USD
FAITE Preconference
25.00 USD
HOEAF Preconference
0.00 USD
FBTEA Preconference
50.00 USD
FACTE Preconference Event: Introduction to Python
50.00 USD

Two-Day Exhibitor Booth
600.00 USD

Bronze Sponsorship
5,000.00 USD
Silver Sponsorship
7,000.00 USD
Gold Sponsorship
10,000.00 USD
650.00 USD
200.00 USD
Full Page Ad
250.00 USD

Additional Items
FACTE & Division Membership
75.00 USD
Division Membership in PLC County
25.00 USD
Extra Breakfast Ticket
45.00 USD
Extra Dinner Ticket
60.00 USD

SeaWorld Renaissance, , Orlando, FL
Location: SeaWorld Renaissance, , Orlando, FL