How Not to be Stupid Around Trans People
Ready to upgrade Your Gender Awareness?
September 22, 2019  ·  Zoom Online Meeting - 10a-Noon PT

You have all by now heard of the word trans, LGBTQ, pride. It is the new millennium after all, this is a hot topic.

You smile and nod, you hit the pride button on your social media page, and hope you gained some karma points. But to be honest, you really don’t know much about this whole world. Enter Tien, he teaches gender freedom, not for social justice, or political correctness, but for consciously creating and expanding humanity to the next ultimate level of freedom and choice.

For the first time ever, you have the exciting opportunity to ask all the questions around this seemingly confusing genre, gender. This is a 2hr online program to upgrade your gender awareness. AND to ask anything trans and gender related, ask what you have always wanted to ask, don’t know who to ask, the questions you are too embarrassed to ask, that is politically incorrect to ask, questions that you are afraid to ask. Tien will answer all your questions with brilliance, humour and wisdom. You will be left a more enlightened and smarter person!

This is an interactive program, please ensure full participation with your questions. Teaching points are delivered when questions are asked. This program is for folks 18+. Sexuality, gender roles and expression, sex organs, will come up. Don’t be shy, Tien has heard it all.