Virtual Legislative Briefing on Precision Medicine and Biomarker Testing in Cancer Care
Precision Medicine and Biomarker Testing in Cancer Care
May 06, 2021  ·  United States

This briefing will provide education for legislators and the general public on the role of precision medicine and biomarker testing in cancer care. Biomarker testing is an advanced type of diagnostic test that can help a healthcare provider and patient understand the specifics of the patient’s unique type of cancer, and select the best treatment, including promising new targeted therapies and immunotherapies. When a cancer patient knows their biomarkers, they know their treatment options. The briefing will also address the time-and-resource-intensive process of prior authorization for insurance to provide approval for biomarker testing, and why this can often be a barrier for patients to receive timely access to biomarker testing and the appropriate treatment plan.  


Hala Borno, MD, Medical Oncologist, UC San Francisco

AJ Patel, Patient with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Hosted by LUNGevity Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation