Mobile Event App for Successful Events

Are you looking for the ideal mobile event app for planning and managing your corporate meetings and conferences? Going forward, you're probably going to need an event app that can manage both in-person and hybrid events with ease.

In-person events went through a bad patch during Covid while virtual events spiked, by as much as 2,777% according to G2 Research. Virtual events, however, just cannot capture the interactivity and networking potential of in-person meetings and conferences. As more and more people realize this, real events are bouncing back.

Selecting the Best Mobile App for Events Post COVID 19

When the coronavirus went global, we had to resort to virtual meetings and conferences. Most event managers did not have enough time to evaluate the mushrooming mobile event apps. This time, as in-person events stage a comeback, make sure you select the best app for your business by carefully evaluating their features; not an easy task because there are ~ 600 event apps on G2 alone. The success of your meeting and conference, to a great extent, depends on the software you use, so it's crucial you choose your event app wisely.

Mobile Event App Features for Hosting Successful Events

1. Ability to Manage In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Events

Virtual events are going back to where they came from. Less than 10% of people surveyed in a recent study expressed their intention to attend only virtual events going forward. More than 90% said they will attend both in-person and hybrid events, including in-person conferences, concerts, and religious events. This means the event app you choose should allow you to manage in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, in the same order of priority.

Manage Hybrid Events
Simple Event Management App

2. Easy to Use for Your Staff and Attendees

Too many gimmicky features make the software heavy to load and difficult to use. Your event mobile app will be used by your frontline staff as well as non-savvy attendees. It should be simple to set up and use for everyone.

3. Event Website and Online Registration

Modern event management mobile apps, including Eventleaf, are supported by an online platform that allows managers to create a website for the event. Event managers can list the agenda and speakers of their conference, invite prospective attendees, market their event website on social media, and register attendees online.

Strong Event Management Platform
Event App Informatoin

4. Provide Event Information and Updates to Attendees

The event app must provide the latest event info and updates to attendees. Once an attendee registers via the event website hosted on Eventleaf, they can view the complete event information including agenda, speakers, and sessions and receive push notifications through Eventleaf Guide App.

5. Ability to Engage and Interact with Attendees

The success of your event depends on how engaged your attendees are with your event. Eventleaf Guide App gives event professionals to reach out to attendees via live polls and surveys during the event. The attendees can also engage with speakers and other attendees via live chat or event via virtual meetings on their favorite virtual meeting software.

Event App Surveys and Polls
Easy Check In Scan

6. Fast and Easy Attendee Check In

Gone are the days when your front door staff would check each attendees name in a list before signing them in manually. Using Eventleaf Check In App, you can easily confirm attendee registration by entering the first few letters of their name or simply by scanning the barcode in their registration email with a tablet running the Check In app. After the attendee registration is confirmed, the staff can check them in instantly with the touch of a button.

7. Print Attendee Badges On Site

Look more professional by handing out name badges as attendees check in. Eventleaf automatically places attendees' registration info on a customizable badge that can be printed on site or before the event. The badge can have your logo and has an app-generated unique barcode that can be scanned with the Check In app as well as the Leads app to check in attendees and capture leads, respectively.

Event Badge
Lead Retrieval App

8. Extract Business Leads from Conferences and Trade Shows

The event mobile app should support B2B companies and other businesses who want to capture customer data from events. Eventleaf makes it easy to extract leads from trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and other commercial events by simply scanning the barcode with a smartphone running the Leads app. You can rate the leads, add comments to each lead, and export the data to a CSV or Excel file for following up.

9. Data Privacy and Security

The app you select should ensure robust user privacy and data security. It should comply with the national and state privacy laws and regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, or other applicable laws.

Data Security
Affordable Pricing

10. Cost of Your Mobile Event App

The price of a typical corporate event app can range from a couple of dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a month, depending on the usage. The Eventleaf platform is absolutely free to use for up to 100 attendees per year, but if you want to use the Guide and Check In mobile apps, you'll need to pay $2 per attendee. This is the lowest price you'll have to pay for fully-featured event apps.

Start Planning Your Next Event

Feel free to check out the Eventleaf platform, which allows you to manage your event through a trio of the most user-friendly mobile event apps. The Guide App lets the attendees access all event information and interact with speakers or other attendees. The Check In App is designed for your event staff to easily check in attendees at the front door and print badges. And the Leads App makes it easy for sales and marketing staff to extract leads from the event. The app comes with a free trial and is free forever if you need to manage less than 100 attendees per year.