Best Alternative to Cvent

Eventleaf event management system is simple, super-easy to use, modern, mobile-friendly, affordable and requires no contracts. Eventleaf event management system includes online web-based event registration platform and mobile apps for check in, attendee engagement, and exhibitor lead capture.

Problems With Other Cvent Alternatives

While there are over 300 event management platforms available in the market, only handful of them offer all tools you need to manage your events and conferences. There are pros and cons of each system, but here are a few most common complaints of other Cvent alternatives available in the market.

  • Complex and outdated
  • Lack smooth user experience within the platform
  • You're charged for every new user of the platform!
  • NOT mobile-friendly event websites
  • Outdated elements and fonts from the 90s to make you pay EXTRA for new creatives
  • You pay extra for the event check-in app
  • You pay AGAIN extra for the event app
  • You pay AGAIN extra for the lead capture app
  • Abstract management tool carries a heavy price tag and is disconnected from the rest of the platform
  • Overall very expensive
  • Require multi-year contract
Complex and Outdated
Eventleaf Online Event Registration

Eventleaf Highlights

Eventleaf event management software is better than the other Cvent alternatives for the following reasons:

  • Eventleaf is Simple
  • Eventleaf is Modern
  • Eventleaf is Mobile Friendly
  • Eventleaf is Affordable
  • Eventleaf is Complete
  • Eventleaf requires No Contract

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Most Cvent alternatives are complex and outdated and lack smooth user experience within the platform.

Simplicity and ease of use are key for you and we know it. Say goodbye to navigating a maze of heavy, buggy features you don't need and make you cringe.

Eventleaf online event management portal is intuitive and you will master it in just a few hours. It is designed with non-computer savvy users in mind and all registering attendees find it very easy to use to navigate through the registration process.

Who reads user guides, FAQ, implementation tutorials just to waste time on features you don't even need. Our philosophy is if you need to look for a help document for Eventleaf, then we failed in our design. Eventleaf is so intuitive that you won't need any of these and forget about paid onboarding sessions.

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Simple Event Management
Modern Event Registration


Most Cvent alternatives were developed using outdated technologies from 90s.

Eventleaf uses the latest technologies available in the market and hence offers most modern look and feel for your next event. You get a consistent look across different devices, phones, PCs, tablets.

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Mobile Friendly

Our stats indicate that 80% of event attendees use mobile devices to register. Working with a system developed in dot-com days (1990s) can be challenging on such small screen displays and even more cumbersome to those with poor vision or not that computer savvy. Eventleaf is 100% mobile friendly.

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Mobile Friendly Event Software
Affordable Event Registration System


Most Cvent alternatives have a fixed annual management fee, per mobile app add on fee, and additional user fee.

Eventleaf has no annual management fee, mobile app add on fee, nor does it charge for additional users.

Technology gets simpler and cheaper over time. For example, modern tablets that even kids use to work on their homework compared to old mainframe computers that cost 100 times more, much slower, take 100 times more space, and are 100 times harder to use.

Eventleaf is being developed using most modern tools and technologies and is simple, powerful, yet much more affordable. It costs only a fraction of the cost of other Cvent alternatives.

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Eventleaf includes a check in app for event organizers to check in attendees, an event app for attendees to view event information and respond to polls and surveys, and a lead retrieval app for exhibitors to capture leads. Eventleaf's virtual platform to organize virtual events with live video presentations and recorded webinars is integrated part of Eventleaf event management system and is available with every plan. Eventleaf also offers abstract management to accept proposals, review and rate them, include accepted proposals as speakers for events, etc. And best of all, all of these components are developed by Eventleaf team and not acquired products and hence they seamlessly share data and it is a uniform user experience.

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Complete Event Management System
No Contract

No contract, pay as you go

No contract, no per user fees, no per mobile app initial fee, no licensing or management fee.

Unlimited events. Unlimited users.

Eventleaf has a simple pricing model of pay as you go and pay per attendee. It's just a fraction of what comparable legacy products charge.

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